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about renee bellMonday

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about renee bellMonday


I’m Renee Bell

Photographer. Graphic Designer. Social Media Manager.

In the past I ran a busy newborn photography studio in Newcastle full time, and while I adored taking photos of gorgeous babies, there were so many other things I wanted to do in addition to this. So I took a break from the babies and I explored… Took thousands of photos of food, of products, and of other passionate small business owners.

I studied and qualified as a life coach and a youth mentor.

As a Graphic Designer too.

I immersed myself in social media and content creation, and also studied Marketing and Communications.  I learned a lot about natural health and beauty and trained as a health and wellness coach. I explored essential oils. I set about creating my own version of an ideal life, one where the feeling of vibrance was no 1 priority.

I connected with loads of amazing small businesses – gave them social media advice, styled and photographed their creations, tried their products and gave feedback. I have had an epic adventure and learned so much along the way!


Full circle.

The NFE Design brand is one that I created back in 2008 – 2009 when I first started my photography business. Yes there is a story behind the name NFE Design, but mainly it was because I was very clear on the fact that I didn’t want to use my name. I didn’t want to pigeonhole myself into a product or service or a particular ideal client that I may eventually want to move on from. I wanted to be able to use my creative skills in what ever way they evolved as the years passed…

As fate would have it, those first 7 or so years of my business took me down the path of newborn photography, with a few weddings chucked in for good measure in the early years, and then family photo sessions around the Newcastle area as those new babies grew into little people, and beyond. Lots and lots of pics of my girl Liana, but mostly babies, babies, babies.  I loved it, but eventually it became time to slow down on this side of things and make space for the new.

Now after a few years break and many see-saw moments back and forwards exploring names and potential business plans, I have ended up almost back where I started.

I have always had a soft spot for this brand name NFE Design, and the brand vision and logo that I created with the help of the amazing Netra Chetty in 2010. That very first print run business cards, still with pride of place on my desk, and that pic of my girl when she was just a 3 year old. Still to this day, my most precious and treasured work of art.

nfe design business cards


NFE Design in 2020, and beyond.

I really love to help people. Whether it is using my camera to capture those memories you want to hold close forever, all aspects of graphic design and content creation, brainstorming ways you can take your business (and your social media presence) to the next level, or styling epic photographs of your product – I would love to be involved.

Take a look around this site at some of the things I have done in the past, and a few of my own personal projects, and lets chat about working together in what ever capacity feels right.

What others are saying...


You are wonderful, so much more than words can describe…


Thank you so much Renee, for your patience and your incredible talent…


You truly are amazing at what you do!!!


Renee far exceeded my expectations and it was an absolute privilege to work with her!


Renee you are extraordinary, generous and soulful xxx


You are such a fun and genuine soul and you made me feel very comfortable in front of the camera.