For the love of macarons…

Because Liana and I love them so much we thought we would share a few fun facts about macarons, and a heap of photos to make you want to rush out and buy some right now. Enjoy!

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Macarons, macarons, macarons…

If you follow along on my Instagram then I am sure you will know about the work we do for Fifi La Femme taking images for their social media accounts. So many gorgeous (and tasty) macarons, cakes and cupcakes pass through our studio and they are so fun to photograph. A nice little break from people photography!

Macarons are so cute that they don’t need much styling, they photograph best when well lit and simple with set ups. Hold them, layer some plates and linen or just pile them up on a plain surface!

We thought we would dedicate a post today to the fabulous macaron, and share a whole lot of tasty images with you all… Just don’t drool on the computer screen 😉

Side note : Macarons are generally gluten free. (Bonus!) But they do contain egg white so are not suitable for vegans, and almond meal so please avoid if you have a nut allergy..

A few other random facts about macarons:

Some say they got popular in pop culture when featured on Gossip Girl – Blair Waldorf claims Ladurée macarons as her favorite… Who doesn’t love a little Gossip Girl and a pile of macarons! (Chuck Bass – eeek! Love him so much!)

The correct pronunciation is macaron (mah-kah-ROHN.) Lots of people to mistakenly call them macaroons (mah-kah-ROON) which are cookies made with shredded coconut.

As with other inventions – there are a few different stories as to who invented the macaron. Most say the cookie originated in Italy, but they were then brought to France some time later, filled with ganache and made popular there.


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Now – the pictures!!!

plate of macaronsbanana pie macarons

for the love of macaronsfacts about macarons

macaraons + succulents


I would love to hear what your favourite macaron flavour is? I alternate between three – raspberry, pistachio and salted caramel. Also – have you ever tried the world famous Laduree macarons? Are they as amazing as people say they are?

Newcastle people – get your macarons at Charlestown Square here…

PS: Check out my macaron pic that got featured on Design Seeds here
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