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Newborn Photography by Renee Bell


I know you’re wondering…

Perhaps fantasising…

And delightfully imagining…

Exactly what your newborn baby will look like.

Isn’t it magical to dream about who she (or he) is. And who she will become.
newcastle newborn photography
Each newborn is so deliciously divine, in their own magical way.


Now imagine your gorgeous baby for a moment. Visualise her long lashes, her chubby cheeks, her perfectly formed fingers.

But, of course, we can’t really know for sure how she will look.

Only that she’ll be perfect (because she will be your most treasured gift in the world).

One thing’s for sure, it’s impossible to capture these kinds of images without a highly skilled professional newborn photographer.


I’m Renee Bell.

I’m a newborn photographer. Also known the baby whisperer to my clients.

My talent is pulling off the gigantic feat of capturing truly remarkable images, while keeping your newborn (and you) completely relaxed + nurtured during the entire process.  I’ll contort myself in any number of uncomfortable positions if it means getting the perfect shot of your newborn. I’ll sweat buckets next to a heater in summer if it means your newborn is kept warm, happy + highly photogenic.


Are you ready to ensure perfect images of your gorgeous newborn?

I know you can hardly wait to hold your beautiful baby. I am wishing you a safe, nurturing journey as you prepare to welcome your newborn into the world. Enjoy the cuddles, cherish those early days, + please make photographs of your newborn a priority.

It would be my honour + privilege to create beautiful images of your newborn at such a magical time in your life. Please enquire as to my current availability.