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Portrait Photography by Renee Bell

It changes before you’ve even registered; a pregnant belly becomes a baby, a toddler becomes a child, or you become who you were always hoping to be.

Memory is fallible. Vision loves form. Time passes without these transformations being fully appreciated.

I’m Renee Bell.

As a photographer I’m in the business of capturing fragile moments of time.

I craft memories and messages through my art.

Newcastle photographer + life coach renee bell

For me, photographing people is never ‘just about the photos’. It’s a transformative experience.

To understand you, to see you for the amazing being that you are, and to capture your transformation, I need to have traveled that road myself. Got down and dirty with my desires, my mission, my motives, my plans. Taken the steps, celebrated the wins, and analyzed the road blocks as they came along… and, of course the road blocks always come along! To teach, to empower and to strengthen resolve.

The process of training to be a life coach, was not a conscious decision to be simply that. It was a step in the journey. A puzzle piece to add to my collection, of random bits and pieces of sparkly and colourful delight. The things that make me the very best version of Renee that I can be.

But I am enjoying the ‘collecting’!   The anticipation of not knowing what is next. Of living each day as it comes…



Photo sessions are available with Renee Bell for all styles of portrait photography, whether you need bio and lifestyle pics for your website or blog, or family portraits. Each shoot is customised to suit the individual and includes a pre-session consultation to ensure we choose the right locations and timings for what style of photos you are after. Most sessions are based in Newcastle, NSW but travel sessions are available.

Renee also occasionally opens her books up for a limited number of newborn photo sessions every year, but this is no longer her sole focus so you do need to try to book in advance to secure your space.


Contact us for more information, availability and prices.