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Product + Food photography

Having run my own photography business for almost 12 years, recently I have expanded my focus to include partnering with small businesses to take styled images of their products for social media and their web presence.

I have regular clients within the natural health and wellness market, shooting for them monthly or bi-monthly to create images for their website, newsletters and social media accounts and to promote new products. In addition to this I have a select group of Newcastle based cafes and food suppliers who I work with regularly to create images for their social media and several instagram influencers who I work with to create content for their accounts.

I have a large number of props in my small studio to use in photo shoots and relationships with local florists and food suppliers who can supply product for shoots when needed. As a photographer and a stylist with many years experience I generally work on my own, styling and photographing all my shoots so I can tweak things as I go to create the perfectly balanced image.

My style is quite bright and minimal with use of textures and natural surfaces to create interest. The aim is to have versatile ‘hero’ images that can be used in many different ways, whether that is with text overlaid on top of them or simply cropping in different ways to create interest and excitement.

Please enquire for a quote based on your individual requirements.